I need to check these to see if any still exist.

A few words about slim people.

A lovely size-positive blog: Kim Writes by Kim Brittingham. She writes a lot about size issues and food.

An essay that started off

Fat!so? is a site by Marilyn Wann, who wrote the book by the same name (see book reviews). It seems to have a few non-working links, but it does have a unique index where you click on different butts to get to the different sections! Be sure to read the Manifesto and Ask Aunt Agony.

New! Some great facts and figures about size and health.

Girl Positive Cheers, by the Radical Cheerleaders. These include 3 cheers that have to do with eating and society's image. For example, Riot don't diet get up get out and try it...

About Fat Acceptance includes the FAQs for three fat acceptance newsgroups and the fat-friendly physicians list.

Body Positive was one of my main inspirations. It has lots of good information about building a positive, realistic self-image.

About-face combats negative and distorted images of women.

An essay from a nude resort that talks about self-acceptance.

Here's a site by girls for girls 11 to 19... Reluctant Hero. It has real girls talking about real issues, and tends to be very size-positive.

The next link isn't exactly size-positive, but I found it an interesting contrast to dieting. paid two people to gain 30 pounds in 30 days. Also, it's got a lot of detail, so it's a bit of a long read. Here is the link.